About Me:

Position: Gastroenterologist Hospital: Gastrohub Hospital Phone Number: 78238 25875 Experience: 10+ years Specializations: - Oncology - Endoscopy - Hepatology - Gastrointestinal Surgery Dr. Mahesh Mahadik is a highly experienced and versatile gastroenterologist at Gastrohub Hospital, where he brings over a decade of expertise in the medical field. Renowned for his comprehensive care and dedication to his patients, Dr. Mahadik excels in various specialized areas, including oncology, endoscopy, hepatology, and gastrointestinal surgery. His extensive experience and commitment to patient-centered care make him a trusted name in gastroenterology, ensuring top-notch medical services and personalized treatment plans for all his patients. For appointments or consultations, please contact him at 78238 25875.